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miercuri - 29 iulie 2015

Rollover on INDIA50

Dear Client,

Today at the end of trading day INDIA50 underlying instrument will change their delivery dates. Current difference between prices of futures with consecutive delivery terms is:

- INDIA50 approx. 40,9 index points

It means that if nothing occurs between today’s closing and tomorrow’s opening, open price for INDIA50 should be higher by given values.

Change of position value connected with base change will be corrected by swap points equal to base value. Clients with limit and stop orders close to current price are kindly requested to adjust their position to changes in base value. Otherwise stop and limit orders will be executed according to standard procedure.

Note that you can check the rollover table in our website.

Should you have any question do not hesitate to contact us.

XTB Team

marți - 28 iulie 2015

Rollover on CHNCOMP and HKCOMP

Dear Client,

Today, there is a change of delivery date for CHNComp, HKComp instruments. Clients who have open positions will be credited or debited with proper swap points amounts.
These are:

- CHNComp, -8 swap points for long position; 8 swap points for short position
- HKComp, 52 swap points for long position; -52 swap points for short position

In order to check the dates when rollovers will apply you can visit our rollover table.

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

XTB Team

vineri - 24 iulie 2015

Rollovers, holidays and dividends in the following week


Monday 27.07 – HKComp, HKComp., HKComp.., CHNComp, CHNComp., CHNComp..

Wednesday 29.07 - INDIA50, INDIA50., INDIA50..


There will be no national holidays in the following week.


Dividends Equity CFD (paid in cash):

Wednesday 29.07 - KMI.US, SAN.US, GT.US, F.US, TXN.US, MS.US

Thursday 30.07 - C.US, AMS.ES, AON.US, SNDK.US, BK.US

Friday 31.07 - VLO.US



joi - 23 iulie 2015

Rezultate rulare NATGAS, NATGAS+, NATGAS., NATGAS..

Stimați clienți,

Astăzi a avut loc modificarea scadenţei pentru instrumentele NATGAS, NATGAS+, NATGAS., NATGAS..

Conturile clienților care au avut poziții deschise pe aceste instrumente financiare au fost creditate/debitate cu echivalentul în puncte swap după cum urmează:

 - NATGAS+, NATGAS., NATGAS.., NATGAS -146 puncte swap pentru pozițiile long; 146 puncte swap pentru pozițiile short

Cu respect,

Echipa XTB

miercuri - 22 iulie 2015

Important Information 22nd July

Dear Client,

We are happy to announce that we have implemented some changes in our offer adding an additional instrument to trade in order to offer a wider range of products.

Furthermore we have decreased our spreads in one instrument to keep offering our clients one of the most competitive spreads in the market.

Since 22nd July 2015 in XTB we have:

1) Added a new Equity CFD:

PYPLV.US: Instrument which value is based on market value of Paypal Inc

2) Decreased our spread:

NICKEL: The spread is decreased from 105 to 75 in Standard offer.

3) Instruments moved to “close only”, not being able to open new positions:


4) Updated our Margin Table including the new instrument we have added into our offer.

* Our website will be updated accordingly.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team or your Account Manager in case you would like to know more about the changes described above.

XTB Team

vineri - 17 iulie 2015


Stimați clienți,

Astăzi, la sfârşitul zilei de tranzacţionare va avea loc modificarea scadenţei pentru activele suport ale instrumentelor financiare NATGAS, NATGAS+, NATGAS., NATGAS..


Acest lucru înseamnă că, dacă nu se întâmplă nimic între închiderea de astăzi și deschiderea de mâine, preţurile de deschidere ar trebui să fie mai mari.

Clienții care au ordine de tip Limit sau Stop pe aceste instrumente în apropierea prețului curent sunt rugați să le ajusteze, luând în considerare modificările în valoarea de bază. Ordinele vor fi executate conform procedurii normale.

Pentru a verifica datele rulărilor, vă rugăm să accesați Tabelul de rulări.

Pentru orice întrebări, vă rugăm să nu ezitați să ne contactați.