Which countries do you accept clients from?

Written by Jerry Ho

Updated: 2022-12-08 12:56:53

As a Group, XTB accepts clients from the vast majority of countries.🚀

🚩Unfortunately we do not accept residents of the following countries:

India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, United States, Australia, Albania

Belize, Belgium, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Israel, Turkey, Venezuela, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Uganda, Cuba, Yemen, Afghanistan, Laos, North Korea, Guyana, Vanuatu, Mozambique, Republic of the Congo, Libya, Macao, Panama, Singapore, Bangladesh, Kenya, Palestine and the Republic of Zimbabwe

XTB Ltd, our FCA regulated entity, only accepts clients who are residents of the UK.

For EU residents choose: XTB CYPRUS

The XTB Group does accept clients from outside of the UK/EU to our other legal entities when it's relevant to do so.

For non EU/UK residents choose: XTB INTERNATIONAL

For MENA residents choose: XTB MENA LIMITED

Canadian residents are accepted only by the French branch of XTB Group: XTB FR

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