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One broker, many possibilities.
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One broker, many possibilities.
Trade your way


Less costs, more investments

0% execution commission*

Enjoy 0% execution commission on stocks and ETFs up to EUR 100,000 of monthly turnover, above this amount the execution commission is only 0.2% (min. EUR 10). Remember that 0.5% currency conversion cost may apply.

Free deposits and withdrawals

For all payment methods

Free account opening

Complete the process in 15 minutes without unnecessary formalities.


Your investments in the right place

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  • 1 milion+

    XTB Group clients worldwide

  • 5 million+

    App downloads

  • 18+

    Years on the market for XTB Group

  • 20 000 €

    per retail client Deposit protection 

  • CySEC

    Regulated by authorities 


Everything you need in one app

All markets in one place

Make the most out of global markets thanks to access to 2300+ CFD instruments

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Comprehensive solution

Make informed investment decisions with the latest news push notifications, educational courses and market research tools

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Intuitive interface

Trade more conveniently with easy to use trading app

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Dedicated support

Yes, we speak English!

In case of any concerns or questions, you can easily contact us in the most convenient way for you


Do you have more questions?

We have collected the most important topics that our customers are most often concerned about. If you still haven't found the answer to your question, please contact our Customer Support
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Yes. Opening an account at XTB is completely free of charge.

Create account

Maintaining an account at XTB is free, provided that you make at least one Buy or Sell transaction within 365 days and/or a deposit within the last 90 days. Otherwise, a monthly fee of 10 EUR will be charged.

Yes, your deposit is covered by the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) up to €20,000 per retail client in the unlikely event of Company's insolvency.

We need to verify client's identification documents (such as ID card, passport etc.) in order to confirm the true identity of a client, as this is required by law.

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Join over 1 000 000 XTB Group Clients from around the world.

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