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Thursday - July 16, 2015
9:00 AM

Rollover on FRA40, FRA.40, FRA.40., FRA.40.., SPA35, SPA.35, SPA.35., SPA.35.., NED25, NED25., NED25.., OIL.WTI, OIL.WTI., OIL.WTI..

Today, at the end of trading day FRA40, FRA.40, FRA.40., FRA.40.., SPA35, SPA.35, SPA.35., SPA.35.., NED25, NED25., NED25.. and OIL.WTI, OIL.WTI., OIL.WTI.. underlying instruments will change their delivery dates. Current difference between prices of futures with consecutive delivery terms is:

- FRA40, FRA.40, FRA.40., FRA.40.. approx. 1,5 index points

- SPA35, SPA.35, SPA.35., SPA.35.. approx. -13 index points

- NED25, NED25., NED25.. approx. -3,1

- OIL.WTI, OIL.WTI., OIL.WTI.. approx. 0,36 USD

It means that if nothing occurs between today's closing and tomorrow’s opening, open price for FRA40, FRA.40, FRA.40., FRA.40.. and OIL.WTI, OIL.WTI., OIL.WTI.. should be higher, and lower for remaining mentioned instruments  by given values.

Change of position value connected with base change will be corrected by swap points equal to base value. Clients with limit and stop orders close to current price are kindly requested to adjust their position to changes in base value. Otherwise stop and limit orders will be executed according to standard procedure.


12:00 AM

PayPal spin off

EBAY (EBAY.US) is going to spin off PayPal due to splitting the company into two separate businesses. CFD on PayPal  will be available for trading in xStation (PYPLV.US) from the first day of listing (July 20th).


Friday - July 10, 2015
1:45 PM

Maintenance services

Please be advised that today(11.07.2015) after 10 pm, tomorrow 11.07.2015 and 12.07.2015 we will be conducting maintenance services. During this period, logging into the platforms can be impossible. Sorry for the inconvenience.


1:45 PM

Rollovers, holidays and dividends in the following week:


Thursday 16.07  - FRA40, FRA.40, FRA.40., FRA.40.., SPA35, SPA.35, SPA.35., SPA.35.., OIL.WTI, OIL.WTI., OIL.WTI.., NED25, NED25., NED25..,


Due to national holidays trading on following instruments will be cancelled:

Thursday 16.07 - USDCLP, USDCLP., USDCLP..


Dividends Equity CFD (paid in cash):

Monday 13.07- ABBV.US, FCX.US

Tuesday 14.07 - AMX.US, PGN.PL, ITUB.US

Wednesday 15.07 - EOG.US, TRE.ES

Thursday 16.07 - CAT.US, BBVA.ES, POP.ES, DIA.ES

Friday 17.07 - SZU.DE



Wednesday 15.07 - NFLX.US (7 for 1)



1:00 PM

Eurogroup meeting, expected higher volatility

Due to Eurogroup’s meeting during the weekend (11-12.07) and growing uncertainty concerning Greece’s future in Eurozone, higher volatility is expected. Clients are kindly requested to adjust their positions (particularly on European indices and currency pairs with EUR) to upcoming market conditions. Spread levels and limits on some instruments may be temporarily increased.



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