Passive Investing
Investment Plans - a smarter way to invest your savings

A new smartphone, apartment or maybe retirement? Whatever your goal is, Investment Plans can help you achieve it: conveniently, without complications and with a minimum amount of time spent.

Create your Plan
Execute your Investment Plans

Regardless of what your goals are and how long your time horizon is, our solution will help you achieve them step by step.

Have your eyes set on next year's product launch? Start investing even small amounts, so you can afford to buy them as soon as they are released.

Are you planning your next vacation? Or maybe you dream of traveling around the world? Start building Plan for your desired trip today!

Build a relatively low-risk, diversified portfolio and invest regularly so you can enjoy a peaceful retirement.

You decide what is the purpose of your plan, how much you want to invest and for how long.

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Create a plan in no time

1. Choose ETFs

Build your portfolio based on over 350 ETFs, differing in composition, rate of return, or rating

2. Allocate your funds

You don't have to calculate anything - just set what percentage of your Plan's amount should be invested in each ETF.

3. Make deposit

You can start investing from as little as 15 USD or account currency equivalent with a range of deposit methods, including free and instant ones. Set up recurring payments that will regularly fund your Plan

4. Put your money to work

Make the first step

Why choose XTB Investment Plans?

Discover the unique features that make Investment Plans such a unique solution for passive investing


The intuitive interface of Investment Plans lets you easily build and manage a desired portfolio.


Over 350 ETFs will give you exposure to a range of sectors and industries from different countries.


Thanks to the low entry treshold you can start creating your Plans from just 15 USD or account currency equivalent.


Access essential details about your preferred ETFs, as rating, portfolio composition or performance over the years.


You can open and close your Plans at any time. Quick deposits and withdrawals, even on the same day, allow you to maintain full control over your money flow.

No overpaying

Investing in ETFs is commission-free with monthly turnover up to 100,000 EUR (then comm. 0.2%, min. 10 EUR).0.5% currency conversion cost may apply.


Do you have more questions?

We have gathered the most important topics that you might be concerned about. If you still haven't found the answer to your question, please contact our Customer Support
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Setting up and running Investment Plans at XTB is completely free of charge.

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A complete list of all ETFs available on offer can be found here

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No, there is no commission as long as your monthly turnover does not exceed 100 000 EUR (then commission 0.2%, min. 10 EUR). 0.5% currency conversion cost may also apply.

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It is possible to run up to 10 Investment Plans simultaneously (all plans are free to run).

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The minimum investment amount under Investment Plans is 15 USD or account currency equivalent

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No, there is no minimum period. You decide exactly how long your investments will last.

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