How to Place a Trade on xStation

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Placing a trade in the award-winning xStation platform is simple, intuitive and fast. Read our brief guide to discover the three ways for placing a trade on xStation.
  • Placing a trade in the award-winning xStation platform is simple, intuitive and fast.
  • There are three ways you can place a trade in xStation.
  • Firstly, via the Market Watch window.
  • Secondly, via the Charting deal ticket.
  • Thirdly, via the three-click trade functionality on the chart itself.

1. The Market Watch window

The first way to place a trade is by finding the market of interest in the Market Watch window. Once you’ve found the market you want to open a position on, click on the market’s name after which an order window will appear.


Source: xStation

In the order window, you can choose the volume of the transaction and whether to apply a Stop Loss or Take Profit level.

The order window has an in-built calculator that informs you how placing a trade will affect you in terms of:

  • Spread in pips and monetary value
  • Commission
  • Pip value
  • Daily swap points

Once you’ve selected your volume, you need to decide the direction of your trade. If you wish to ‘sell’ or go short, you click the red button. If you wish to ‘buy’ or go long, you click the green button. Once you’ve done this, your trade will be placed. This option is known as placing a trade through the order window.

2. The charting deal ticket

Placing a Trade on xStation

Source: xStation

The second way to place a trade is through the buy and sell buttons found on the chart itself. Once you’ve analysed a certain market and would like to place a trade, you’re able to do so from the top left-hand corner of the chart - where the buy and sell buttons are available, with the option of modifying the volume as well.

3. Three-click Charts trading

Three-click charts trading

Source: xStation

The third way to place a trade is directly on the chart itself using our innovative three-click trade functionality. Simply first click on the ‘Place pending order on Chart’ icon at the top of the chart of the market you wish to trade. Now you’ve activated our three-click trading functionality. Now on the chart itself, first click where you wish to trade, the second click where you want to place your stop loss and the third click where your profit target is. Then you’ll be presented with a new deal ticket which will replicate the levels you clicked on, and all you need to do now is simply hit Buy or Sell.

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