xStation 5: Calendar and News

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xStation 5 is designed to be the complete trading platform with everything you need in one place, keeping you as close to the markets as possible.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • Why the economic calendar is one of the crucial parts of the platform
  • How to see whether upcoming events could have a significant impact on the market
  • How to be in touch with our market analysis right from the trading platform

Let’s start with the economic calendar. The release of economic data can have a big impact on specific markets every day. xStation 5 features a real time economic calendar that provides you with the latest  data releases including the region or country it’s connected with, previous readings, estimated readings and an impact signal to help you spot which data could create market volatility. The red exclamation mark indicates a potentially high impact, the orange exclamation mark indicates a medium impact and the grey exclamation mark indicates a low impact.

This calendar will help you plan your trading week and understand where higher market volatility is possible.

You can very easily apply filters to show only potentially high impact data or those relating to selected countries. Simply left-click on the marked location:

‘Set filter - country’ window will appear:

Or ‘Set filter - Impact’:

In addition to the calendar you also have access to the News tab, where a stream of breaking news, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and trading ideas is all updated in real-time as market events unfold.

If you see something you’re interested in, simply click on the article for more in-depth analysis of the story.

If you prefer, you can activate the audio feed that provides you with breaking market news as it happens. To activate the audio, simply press the play button and adjust the sound level accordingly. Don’t forget to make sure you have the sound enabled on your computer. And remember - trader’s talk is a tool that works only on real accounts.

The xStation 5 platform has been designed so you are provided with the analytical tools you need all in one place and removes the need for external websites or extra research, leading you to be able to make informed trading decisions in less time.


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