Alphabet and OpenAI race for multimodal large-language models 🔔

6:12 PM September 18, 2023

Alphabet (GOOGL.US) and OpenAI competetion

Tech giants Google and OpenAI are in a fierce battle to be the first to release next-generation multimodal large-language models. These advanced models can interpret both images and text, allowing them to perform tasks such as creating website codes from sketches or interpreting visual charts in textual terms. Google is getting close to completion with its forthcoming Gemini project, having already shared it with a limited number of external companies. On the other hand, the Microsoft-backed OpenAI is accelerating its efforts to enhance its GPT-4, which is the most advanced large-language model to date. THe new model is going to be equipped with multimodal functionalities that mirror those expected to be featured in Gemini. Although OpenAI had initiated a preview of these features during the GPT-4 launch in March, broad availability has been delayed, partly due to concerns about potential misuse by malicious actors. Yet, the company seems poised to move forward, preparing for a wider roll-out of its GPT-Vision features in the near future.


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OpenAI new model

Despite the advances, OpenAI has not rested on its laurels and is reportedly conceptualizing an even more potent multimodal model named Gobi. This fresh endeavor is envisaged to be multimodal right from its inception, unlike its predecessor GPT-4. However, development appears to be in the embryonic stages, and it remains uncertain whether Gobi will evolve to become the much-anticipated GPT-5. The onset of the multimodal models era seems to favor Google, considering its substantial repository of proprietary data encompassing text, images, video, and audio - a rich resource pool derived from its range of consumer products like search and YouTube. Early indicators suggest that Gemini might exhibit superior performance with fewer errors in comparison to existing models. The unfolding scenario echoes the iconic rivalry between iPhone and Android, with the industry and consumers eagerly awaiting the arrival of Gemini to discern the true extent of the gap between Google and OpenAI in this dynamic landscape. The stakes are high and the anticipation palpable as the world stands on the cusp of a revolution in AI technology, driven by the formidable competition between Google and OpenAI.

Alphabet (GOOGL.US) gained 0.65% today. Its share price is approaching this year's all-time high in a steady uptrend. Source: xStation 5


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